Feb 01

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Fox News Sunday 2 and 6 PM—debate Common Core


112214_1421_MiamiValley2.pngFox News Sunday will have guests debate the merits of the Common Core educational standards today at 2 PM with a repeat at 6 PM.

Progressive Republicans, like their progressive Democratic political cousins, are promoting this top-down social engineering experiment impacting our children and grandchildren. They would have you believe these are benign changes intended to increase the quality of our children’s education. In reality, this is serious political agenda to alter the fundamental structure of our local-controlled public and private education program through a combination of state laws and “free money” grants. They are dumbing-down the educational system at a time when our international competition is strengthening their children’s education.

Does this make any sense?

Should our governor be a strong proponent of this?

Should we let our elected Republican state representatives and senators off the hook of really looking after the best interests of our children?

Read this white paper. Learn why the controversy.

Common Core white paper 20141124 final ebook format

Common Core white paper 20141124 final

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