Feb 01

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OhioWatchdog.org news feed added to our growing list of liberty-focused news


DTP Ohio Watchdog org featured image

The Dayton TEA Party website has added OhioWatchdog.org to our growing list of highly informative political and liberty-focused newsfeeds. Being ignorant of what is happening and of the true political objectives of elected officials and candidates can cause dire consequences. To be informed voters, we must read about and study the political events bringing undesirable turmoil to our lives. For our children and grandchildren, we have no choice. Liberty and prosperity go hand in hand.

When a new site is added, the last 10 or so postings from that website are automatically added. This is why you will see a list of these today and in today’s email newswire summary. Read these as they provide an important update on state politics, especially the growing swirl of controversy surrounding Gov. Kasich as “evolves” into a progressive spend-our-children-into-debt Republican.

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