Jan 28

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Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch appears to be Eric Holder II


Loretta Lynch

President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General to replace Eric Holder began her confirmation testimony this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Clearly experienced as a federal prosecutor and very articulate, Ms. Loretta Lynch artfully evaded answers that any normal American would see as being clearly asked and should have been well within the experience and qualifications of an experienced federal prosecutor to answer forthrightly. That she choose not to do so was obvious.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R, AL) focused on the issue of President Obama’s executive action regarding the legalization of millions of illegal aliens. An issue of importance was his question about whether such a legalized illegal alien has any civil rights to employment in America. In particular, would the Justice Department take legal action, on behalf of such a legalized illegal alien, against a business owner that chooses not to hire the illegal alien because of his or her being an illegal alien. To this, Ms. Lynch responded that she would have to study the matter. Would this not place illegal aliens ahead of American citizens and legal alien residents in the eyes of the law? Do you think that President Obama and his Justice Department have not foreseen this consequence, perhaps making this a key reason for their decision to undertake the executive memorandum? They may be intent on creating new civil rights that his Justice Department will then use to threaten business owners without Congress having to pass any legislation to this effect. This is classic progressive legal thinking—how to abuse the legal system to achieve their progressive goals. By her response, Ms. Lynch appears to be a willing participant in this action.

Think about this for a moment. Ms. Lynch is legally opening the door for civil rights-based Justice Department action against business owners for failing to hire an illegal alien.

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