Jan 22

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While in South Dakota, Ohio Gov. Kasich promotes Obamacare federal debt growth

Gov. John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich wants to be on the Republican presidential ticket in 2016, probably as the vice presidential candidate. He is kicking off his progressive campaign to build his name recognition with an out-of-state tour to promote a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. With serious issues facing the United States like illegal aliens flooding across the open borders, Islamist terrorism here and abroad, IRS abuses, the potential of nuclear weapons in Iran, a decline in our military strength, a president flouting the U.S. Constitution, the lack of an effective energy security policy, the imposition of federal control of our children’s education through Common Core, the expansion of more free stuff through increased government socialism, what does Governor Kasich choose to talk about? A Balanced Budget Amendment.

Watchdog.org reported earlier this week on Governor Kasich’s attempt to rationalize his promotion of the Obamacare-included Medicaid expansion at the same time calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Governor Kasich now apparently thinks that the federal money borrowed to pay for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Ohio is free money. He apparently rationalizes his statements that it’s free because Ohio doesn’t have to spend any money to get it — no matching state funds needed for at least a couple more years.

2010’s “unsustainable costs” are now OK

Watchdog.org reports that in 2010, when running for governor, Governor Kasich criticized the Obamacare-included Medicaid expansion saying it would “stick states with large and unsustainable costs”. That was 2010. Five years later, the governor, now that he is been reelected, no longer apparently cares about large and unsustainable costs being placed on our future state budgets. His focus now is getting on the presidential ticket in 2016. Hence the fact that through 2022, as projected by the Urban Institute* (per the Watchdog.org article), Governor Kasich’s decision to expand Medicaid in Ohio will add about $50 billion of new federal debt, is so apparently insignificant as to not even need to be mentioned while promoting a Balanced Budget Amendment. That’s $50 billion for just one state!

Just today, Mr. Matt Borges, Governor Kasich’s handpicked Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party, sent out an email promoting Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s position on doing away with Obamacare. “Rob supports tax reform, the job-creating Keystone pipeline and favors replacing Obamacare.” Do you think Senator Portman supports keeping Medicaid expansion for work-able single adults as Kasich supports? Do you think our progressive Republican governor will stop spending on Medicaid expansion if Obamacare is repealed? Remember the last governor creating an $8 billion hole in our state budget. Republicans thought he was crazy for doing this and this was why conservative Republicans worked hard to get Kasich elected in 2010? If Obamacare is repealed, taking “free” federal funding for Medicaid expansion along with it, then it appears that Governor Kasich has created a $50 billion hole in future Ohio state budgets. And he thinks it’s free money! So apparently does the Republican-led state legislature now poised to renew it. And Kasich wants to be on the presidential ticket in 2016 as a conservative!

Does anyone wonder why conservative states like Texas are moving ahead of Ohio? Just think of where Ohio would be today with a solid conservative governor these past four years?

*Ref: Urban Institute Report detailing projected costs of expanding Medicaid. http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/412707-The-Cost-and-Coverage-Implications-of-the-ACA-Medicaid-Expansion.pdf

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