Nov 20

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Ohio Gov. (presidential hopeful) John Kasich favors pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens

Gov. John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich

Fox News, in an interview with Gov. Kasich this evening (Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014), reports that he supports a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens (Fox News’ words). Note that this interview was in the early evening prior to President Obama’s TV speech on his unilateral actions regarding illegal aliens. Gov. Kasich is clearly trying to jump to the head of the pack of progressive Republicans wanting to run for president in 2016. Add this to his list of other progressive actions and political positions:

  • Continued support for the Common Core educational standards
  • Opposition to making Ohio a right-to-work state
  • Pushing through Medicaid Expansion
  • Attempting to expand state taxes on oil and gas production in the state
  • Failure to even read the Republican Party platform while claiming to be a Republican

It should now be clear to center-right voters in the Miami Valley that progressive Republicans, like John Kasich, view the world differently and view Republican voters with disdain. They expect Republican voters to just vote for any candidate with an “R” behind their name regardless of their values, record, and policy positions. Why Gov. Kasich is doing all of this while having run as a conservative in 2010 is no longer of concern. He has burned his conservative bridges behind him as he hurries to try to lead the progressive Republican pack of candidates.

For center-right voters in Ohio, our actions leading up to the critical 2016 presidential primary is now very clear. Look for a candidate that shares your values and policy priorities while demanding that the Republican Party conduct the presidential primary process in a fair and open manner. Ohio is a must-win state for the Republicans. This is leverage. Now is the time to exert this leverage.

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