Nov 04

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The DTP expresses our condolences on the passing of Brenda Lee Mack


Brenda Lee MackThe Ohio Liberty Coalition recently sent out the obituary of Brenda Lee Mack. The member groups of the Dayton TEA Party express our condolences to the family and friends of Brenda Lee Mack.

Ms. Mack was one of those rare people whose passion and commitment to liberty just drew you into her sphere. As an African-American, Ms. Mack helped us all to better understand the political perspectives of this American community. As an Ohio liberty leader, she was prepared, however briefly earlier this year, to take on the Establishment Republican Party in Ohio by running for a statewide office. She spoke from her heart about the importance of liberty and walked the talk when the time came to step forward. While I only had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Mack at a couple of the statewide meetings of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, her commitment was readily apparent. The loss to our statewide liberty community from her passing is widely felt. She helped us all to understand—to truly understand—what it will take to preserve our liberty and bring the good government we all seek.

If you have not already, please read her obituary.

Mike Snead
Dayton TEA Party

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