Oct 19

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Be better informed through the DTP’s emailed free 5-minute Miami Valley Liberty Dispatch


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To keep our Dayton-area TEA Party Citizenry better informed, a new format for conveying news and commentary has started. This newsletter is aimed squarely at Miami Valley center-right voters who appreciate the fact that they will likely have a major say in who wins the White House in 2016. The era of TEA Party Citizenry is blossoming and Ohio, and especially southwestern Ohio, is at the political center-of-gravity of all of this. The Republicans are unlikely to win the White House without winning Ohio and running strong in southwestern Ohio. This gives TEA Party Citizens leverage, doesn’t it? But we must informed voters to take advantage of this leverage.

The Miami Valley Liberty Dispatch is being sent to our DTP and Greene County TEA Party email subscribers. (Other DTP group’s email subscribers will likely be added later.) Thus, if you wish to be better informed and are not already receiving this newsletter via email, please sign up for the DTP or GCTP email.

Each newsletter is formatted to be read on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. In most cases, the reading time for the newsletter will be about five minutes. 

Currently, the newsletter is also being distributed to our Facebook and Twitter sites. However, being that it is easy to miss one of these notifications, we recommend the email subscription to make sure that this important information reaches you.

The current edition can be viewed here. The next edition will be coming out this week. Sign up now!


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