Oct 03

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DTP 198 x 198In 2012, 2,687,260 Ohioans choose poorly when electing Barack Obama to a second term as president. Many of these, while well-intentioned, where simply uninformed voters—perhaps your family members, co-workers, etc. We aim to fix this by developing a strong email newswire of important liberty-focused news as we move towards the pivotal 2016 elections.

Why is this important to you? Because the only effective way to influence the vote of the uninformed voters, within your circle of family and friends, is for you to make them better informed. While we cannot reach them directly, you can on key liberty issues such as illegal immigration, Common Core, Medicaid expansion, judicial activism, political cronyism, candidate misrepresentation and lying, etc. But, you must be armed with facts, understanding, and persuasive arguments.

Sign up today for DTP’s email subscription. Twice weekly, you will receive a summary of all of the postings to the DTP website—including those from the Ohio Liberty Coalition, the Buckeye Institute, and the Ohio Conservative Review along with news from key organizations such as the Heritage Action for America and Tea Party Patriots.

In addition, we will be engaging with you via email in key Dayton TEA Party liberty activist activities, to communicate to you about upcoming elections, to inform you of special DTP-associated events, etc. Some of this information can only be sent to you, under current Ohio law, via email, not by Facebook or Twitter or website postings.

Start by taking only 5 minutes twice a week to read the summary of the website postings. This will give you the broad brush of liberty activities in Ohio and the Miami Valley. From this, you can pick what activities and topics to engage with. You can also pass along key information to your friends and family via email, Twitter, and Facebook using the convenient social media buttons on each posting.

To fix what’s wrong with America, we must become politically-informed, engaged citizenry. Remember: Politics is all about WHO rules you and HOW they rule you. We are now witnessing first-hand that uninformed voters can bring disaster to America! We know you don’t want more chaos after 2016.

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Join the Movement; make a REAL difference in your future,

Mike Snead
Dayton TEA Party


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