Sep 29

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FBI director finds the shoe of public trust doesn’t fit well anymore


Sign up for DTP email updatesFBI Director James Comey complains publicly about the blowback from the Federal Government’s loss of public trust.

The fundamental precept of the U.S. Constitution is that “We the People” grant power to the Federal Government according to our desires. Power is not inherent with the Federal Government.

The revelations of the substantial government programs to spy on normal law-abiding citizens, the willingness of senior leaders to lie to the American public about this spying, the clear politicization of the Justice Department and IRS, and the FBI’s failure to promptly and fairly discharge their duties—Fast and Furious cover-up, IRS and lost emails, Benghazi failure to locate and prosecute—with respect to clear law breaking is now blowing back in the form of forcing them to act in compliance with the strict provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Previously, strong public trust granted them greater policing power because this was deemed in the public interest. Now, this trust is being lost.

Time online reports that Director Comey is complaining about the new data encryption and access controls adopted by Apple in their new iPhone operating system. “’What concerns me about this is companies marketing something expressly to allow people to hold themselves beyond the law,’ he said.” Really? Keeping our persons and property beyond the reach of arbitrary government search is average citizens holding “themselves beyond the law”. What about the examples of the Justice Department and IRS failing to comply with Congressional and Federal Court subpoenas for information? Is that not holding themselves above the law?

Director Comey needs to recognize that the FBI is losing the public’s trust and only he can rectify this. He can start by speaking forthrightly to Congress with greater clarity of recall and willingness to not bend to DC political correctness in his pursuit of justice.


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