Oct 05

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What Can We Learn from the Battle of the Barry-cades?


memorial barrycade wired shut

Countrymen, we beg you, take a lesson from the “Battle of the Barry-cades” this week. It seems like such a petty incident, and it is. But its pettiness underscores its importance and educational value.
On one hand, you have the brave sacrifice of these WWII veterans, now polished and made precious by their age and human fragility. On the other you have the petulance and dishonor of Obama and his goon squad, spending our tax dollars to erect little fences to keep them from a privately-funded memorial which honors their sacrifice and achievement.

Why are Obama and his goons treating these heroes so contemptuously? Because they can. Because they have no respect. Because Obama is not getting his way in a budget battle. They are insulting them in a petty manner, precisely because they are petty people. Petty people with power. And who handed them this power? We did, We the People.

But…. now think with us… do you seriously think Obama is the last petty, arrogant, vengeful little man who will ever sit in the White House? Hardly. He’s merely one in a long line of men elevated to a job for which they were temperamentally and spiritually unprepared.

The more you ask these politicians to do for you, by way of providing for your needs, or keeping you safe, or respecting your God-given rights, the more vulnerable you are to their pettiness and selfish whims. Everything you ask them to give you, whether it’s health care, or retirement funding, or employment, or any other of life’s necessities, is merely a unit of power to their greedy hearts, a tool which they can use against you later. Whenever they want to punish you for disobedience, or for holding the wrong opinion, they now have a stick to beat you with: the withdrawal of some promised kindness.

This is why the Tea Party warned America from the first day the so-called “Affordable Care Act” was proposed. As loudly as we could, we proclaimed that the health care bill was not really about health care, but it was all about power. Yet, we were scorned. Our warning was ignored. “Racists,” they called us. “Angry mob,” they said. They knew the accusation was false, but it was a useful fiction to the power-hungry. Understand this, friends — see it with the clearest eyes you can: Power-mad politicians and their toadies will say and do anything to get from you — and keep — the power they seek. They are addicts, harmful tumors on the body politic, and the only cure for America is to remove them, then remain eternally vigilant against the next generation of petty tyrants cast in their same mold.

If Obama and his goons will do this to a harmless group of aged Warld War II veterans, what indignities do you think they’ll unleash upon you when it’s your turn. You cannot hide. They’ve been recording your phone calls and keystrokes for years. Either you will take your stand now, armed with the painful realization that it could be the last one you’ll be able to make, or you sit by and let the goons win. The stakes are plain and the choice is yours. Patrick Henry cried, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” He said this because he knew painfully well what our generation has forgotten, that life without liberty is a slow and painful march to death. Is this the America you want? Is this the America our fathers fought for?

In this photograph of a wired-shut barry-cade, you have all you need to know about the sort of tyranny our Founders warned us against. It’s petty, and capricious and disgusting, but easily overcome with the right tools and the right mindset. As insignificant as it may seem, it is merely a downpayment on the greater tyrannies to come, if we do not regain the upper hand against these tools of Darkness. Please join our movement. Attend our meetings. Learn how to fight them. Donate with your time and dollars. Alone, cursing at our newspapers, computer monitors and television screens, we cannot defeat these small-minded usurpers of the American Dream. But together, working as one, we will surely have our nation restored to greatness once again.

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