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May 28

House Democrats vote YES to allow men in ladies bathroom.

On Friday,  The House of Representatives took a vote on what they called the Equality Act (H.R.-5) Roll Call vote #217. The legislation passed in the house along party lines.  These are the Ohio Democrats who voted YES to allow…

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May 24

Trump first President unanimously elected by Electoral College

The Democrats move to do away with Electoral College could backfire in 2020 and President Trump could be the first President in history to gain all 538 Electoral College votes. In many Blue states,  state legislatures are attempting to do…

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May 23

TESTIMONY NEEDED: Stand up against the religious bigotry bill

Pro-Family Friends – Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held the 3rd hearing on  – the Sexual Orientation Gender Identity bill. We all know the dangers of this bill – how it violates the privacy and safety of women, harms businesses,…

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May 22

An outsiders view of Washington DC – Ohioans IPI visit

Ohio activist converge on Washington DC to discuss drug pricing proposal. Activist from Ohio and across the nation converged on Washington DC to discuss a proposal that originated from the Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding medical drug price fixing.…

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Mar 11

Ted Cruz wins Ohio and Florida Conservatives United Preference Poll

Senator Ted Cruz

Six months of polling among Ohio and Florida Conservatives have produced the same winner in their Presidential Preference Polls.  Read here to see how this poll can affect the respective Primary Elections on March 15, 2016.


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