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Nov 02

Welcome President Trump to Jim Renaccis home turf.

Cleveland Rally goers;  Welcome President Trump to Jim Renacci’s home turf on Monday. Take the plastic bag part of your RENACCI yard sign with you. Fold it up and put it in your pocket. When the President is introduced, wave…

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Sep 07

SHAMEFUL Ohio GOP State Central Committee refuses to vote on endorsing Jim Jordan for Speaker.

Jim Jordan is a very serious threat to the Deep State in Washington DC, , AND  right in our very own Columbus, Ohio.  As a threat,  we find the House of Representative and the Ohio Republican party are pulling out…

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Aug 10

Ohio’s Conservative groups team up with NRA to support Renacci

In 2016,  Conservative group volunteers from across Ohio worked with the NRA’s Political Victory Fund (NRA_PVF) to make hundreds of thousands of phone calls to Ohios Voters to inform them of Donald Trumps stand on the 2nd Amendment rights. We’re…

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Mar 11

Ted Cruz wins Ohio and Florida Conservatives United Preference Poll

Senator Ted Cruz

Six months of polling among Ohio and Florida Conservatives have produced the same winner in their Presidential Preference Polls.  Read here to see how this poll can affect the respective Primary Elections on March 15, 2016.


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